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                  Company profile
                       GUANGZHOU OCEAN CARGO LOGISTICS CO ., LTD. (OCEAN CARGO LOGISTICS), is the Ministry of Commerce approved the establishment of an independent legal status of an international freight forwarders. Headquartered in Guangzhou China. Company based in south China, east, north, business scope covers international shipping, air transport, land transport, customs clearance, warehousing and other logistics services.
                       OCEAN CARGO LOGISTICS adhering to the "expert agency, professional services," the idea, and strive to service so specialized, so fine. After years of hard work, positive development, has now become a leading specialized logistics companies. The company has a group of young, quality stable, responsible staff, and a number of operational experience with many years the backbone of international personnel, and corporate leadership, management to develop innovative and enterprising, committed to build the company into a modern comprehensive, excellent logistics companies, providing our customers with detailed, thoughtful, civilized high quality logistics services, domestic and foreign recognition and praise of many customers.

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